vol. 1: Zombiechaun

001 Krisiun- March Of The Black Hordes
002 People In Planes- Barracuda
003 Tom Waits- Singapore
004 The Lumineers- Flowers In Your Hair
005 Darkfalky- Dial-Up
006 “Weird Al” Yankovic- One More Minute
007 Yellow Squares- Headstand
008 i broke my robot- alt_i
009 Black Sabbath- Wheels Of Confusion/The Straightener
010 King’s X- Fool You
011 Fiver- Lost Enterprise
012 They Might Be Giants- I’m Your Boyfriend Now
013 Double Dagger- Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing
014 David Bowie- Speed Of Life
015 Radar Bros.- Wise Mistake Of You
016 Frankie Yankovic- Pennsylvania Polka
017 Ethel- Hardwood
018 Spoon- Is Love Forever?
019 An Horse- Scared As Fuck
020 Band Of Horses- Evening Kitchen
lone-hugger 2000px-Tychonian_system_svg


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