vol. 3: Muffin Saw A Horse on TV

01 Prefuse73- Fountains Of Spring
02 Black Label Society- Crazy Horse
03 Tom Waits- Raised Right Men
04 Candlemass- If I Ever Die
05 Desert Sessions- A Girl Like Me
06 Chris Poland- Club Ded
07 Coroner- Absorbed
08 The Cassettes- Lady Faire
09 Super 400- I Could Be Reborn
10 M.C. Forest- Contender
11 Kronos Quartet- String Quartet 4, Movement II
12 M83- Splendor
13 Vaughn Monroe- Racing With The Moon
14 The Young Machines- Tech Romance [Matmos Remix]
15 Missy Bly- Tag Along
16 Tapes ‘N Tapes- Le Ruse
17 The Kinks- Do You Remember Walter?
18 Spoon- All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed

19 Patton Oswalt- The Magic Of Cursive
20 MGMT- All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
21 Breed/Extinction- Untitled
22 The Bleachers- Tell It To The Teleprompter
23 The Who- Armenia City In The Sky
24 The Shins- Red Rabbits
25 Spiritualized- Don’t Just Do Something
26 Paul Morley- Lost For Words, Pt. 2
27 The Beatles- Not A Second Time
28 Anna Nalick- Paper Bag
29 Papercuts- Future Primitive
30 Raveonettes- The Love Gang
31 Bjork- Earth Intruders
32 Lifesavers Underground- More To Life
33 Metal Molly- Autumn Colors
34 Anthrax- Among The Living
35 Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman- Pretty Women
36 The Kinks- Big Sky








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