vol. 7 & 8: Karabinedactyl/Ganymede

square1    Intro-
(1992) Polygon Window: If It Really Is Me
Act I
(1966) The Beach Boys: Let’s Go Away For Awhile
(1987) Dio: Night People
(1995) The Blamed: Breeze
(1991) Galactic Cowboys: My School
(1989) Skid Row– Youth Gone Wild
(1995) Bloodshed: Outside
(1996) The Cardigans: Iron Man
Act II
(1994) Beastie Boys- Ricky’s Theme
(2009) Them Crooked Vultures: No One Loves Me & Neither Do I
(2011) Fair To Midland: Whiskey & Ritalin
(2011) Katie Kate: Bad Amazon
(1995 ) MxPx: The Opposite of Intellect
(1977) Steve Martin: Vegas
(1992) Pavement: Perfume-V
(2011) Jesse Plack: Broadway
(1996) Disco Inferno- Can’t See Through It
(2006) Thom Yorke: Harrowdown Hill
(1984) Bathory: Storm Of Damnation

June 2012
Vintage vantage of the Six-Dimension Sister Universe
(1987) Exodus– 30 Seconds
(2005) The Cush– The Drone
(2008) Electric President– Adrift In Space, Or Whatever
(2004) Regina Spektor– Ghost Of Corporate Future
(2004) Blipvert– Mermins
(1980) The Durutti Column– For Belgian Friends
(2006) Ambulance Ltd.– New English
(2006) The Big Sleep– Murder
(2009) Constantine Finehouse– Brahms Sonata No. 3, Op. 5, III
(2004) Frankenixon– Loathing
(2003) My Morning Jacket– Mahgeetah
(2011) Portugal. The Man– Share With Me The Sun
(2008) The Ruby Suns– Oh Mojave
(2010) Tall Tales & The Silver Lining– Love Is Not A Sin
(2011) To The Sea– Conquer
(2010) Tax & Leisure Corporation– Feminist History
(2006) Kelley Stoltz–  Wave Goodbye
(2009) Amadou & Mariam– Sabali
(2003) Kings Of Leon– California Waiting
(1996) Metal Molly—Zebra

(2011) Rosary Gallows- Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
(2012) Rachel Belle– Haircut
squares3-4book1book4book3 square2hugger1hugger3cchugger4DISK1DISK2


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