vol. 11 & 12: SQVIB/SLVG



vol. 7 & 8: Karabinedactyl/Ganymede

square1    Intro-
(1992) Polygon Window: If It Really Is Me
Act I
(1966) The Beach Boys: Let’s Go Away For Awhile
(1987) Dio: Night People
(1995) The Blamed: Breeze
(1991) Galactic Cowboys: My School
(1989) Skid Row– Youth Gone Wild
(1995) Bloodshed: Outside
(1996) The Cardigans: Iron Man
Act II
(1994) Beastie Boys- Ricky’s Theme
(2009) Them Crooked Vultures: No One Loves Me & Neither Do I
(2011) Fair To Midland: Whiskey & Ritalin
(2011) Katie Kate: Bad Amazon
(1995 ) MxPx: The Opposite of Intellect
(1977) Steve Martin: Vegas
(1992) Pavement: Perfume-V
(2011) Jesse Plack: Broadway
(1996) Disco Inferno- Can’t See Through It
(2006) Thom Yorke: Harrowdown Hill
(1984) Bathory: Storm Of Damnation

June 2012
Vintage vantage of the Six-Dimension Sister Universe
(1987) Exodus– 30 Seconds
(2005) The Cush– The Drone
(2008) Electric President– Adrift In Space, Or Whatever
(2004) Regina Spektor– Ghost Of Corporate Future
(2004) Blipvert– Mermins
(1980) The Durutti Column– For Belgian Friends
(2006) Ambulance Ltd.– New English
(2006) The Big Sleep– Murder
(2009) Constantine Finehouse– Brahms Sonata No. 3, Op. 5, III
(2004) Frankenixon– Loathing
(2003) My Morning Jacket– Mahgeetah
(2011) Portugal. The Man– Share With Me The Sun
(2008) The Ruby Suns– Oh Mojave
(2010) Tall Tales & The Silver Lining– Love Is Not A Sin
(2011) To The Sea– Conquer
(2010) Tax & Leisure Corporation– Feminist History
(2006) Kelley Stoltz–  Wave Goodbye
(2009) Amadou & Mariam– Sabali
(2003) Kings Of Leon– California Waiting
(1996) Metal Molly—Zebra

(2011) Rosary Gallows- Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
(2012) Rachel Belle– Haircut
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vol. 3: Muffin Saw A Horse on TV

01 Prefuse73- Fountains Of Spring
02 Black Label Society- Crazy Horse
03 Tom Waits- Raised Right Men
04 Candlemass- If I Ever Die
05 Desert Sessions- A Girl Like Me
06 Chris Poland- Club Ded
07 Coroner- Absorbed
08 The Cassettes- Lady Faire
09 Super 400- I Could Be Reborn
10 M.C. Forest- Contender
11 Kronos Quartet- String Quartet 4, Movement II
12 M83- Splendor
13 Vaughn Monroe- Racing With The Moon
14 The Young Machines- Tech Romance [Matmos Remix]
15 Missy Bly- Tag Along
16 Tapes ‘N Tapes- Le Ruse
17 The Kinks- Do You Remember Walter?
18 Spoon- All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed

19 Patton Oswalt- The Magic Of Cursive
20 MGMT- All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
21 Breed/Extinction- Untitled
22 The Bleachers- Tell It To The Teleprompter
23 The Who- Armenia City In The Sky
24 The Shins- Red Rabbits
25 Spiritualized- Don’t Just Do Something
26 Paul Morley- Lost For Words, Pt. 2
27 The Beatles- Not A Second Time
28 Anna Nalick- Paper Bag
29 Papercuts- Future Primitive
30 Raveonettes- The Love Gang
31 Bjork- Earth Intruders
32 Lifesavers Underground- More To Life
33 Metal Molly- Autumn Colors
34 Anthrax- Among The Living
35 Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman- Pretty Women
36 The Kinks- Big Sky







vol. 2: Maxhellion

01 Seventh Angel- Acoustic Interlude
02 Muse- Blackout
03 Phantogram- Mouthful Of Diamonds
04 Broken Spindles- I’ve Never Been This Afraid
05 She Wants Revenge- Out Of Control
06 Starflyer 59- The Zenith
07 Stone Temple Pilots- Pretty Penny
08 Broken Bells- Sailing To Nowhere
09 Rogue Wave- You Have Boarded
10 MGMT- Love Always Remains
11 Tony Moreno- Moving To California
12 Julius Airwave- In The City
13 Lord Huron- Into The Sun
14 Aphex Twin- Boy/Girl Song*
15 The Beatles- One After 909
16 Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros- Home

01 Isis- Sgnl]01
02 King’s X- I don’t Know
03 Muse- Time Is Running Out
04 Julius Airwave-Glory Glory
05 High On Fire- Blessed Black Wings
06 Pantera- Live In A Hole
07 Queens Of The Stone Age- Turnin’ On The Screw
08 Treasure State- Class Struggles
09 Squarepusher- Problem Child
10 Film School- Heart Full Of Pentagons
11 Symphony Of Science- We Are All Connected
12 The Flaming Lips- The Spiderbite Song
13 Slayer- Behind The Crooked Cross
14 Sepultura- Mass Hypnosis**
15 Deicide- Let It Be Done
16 Ramones- I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement
17 Ima Robot- Ruthless

*[£18 Snare Rush Mix]
**[drum & scratch tracks]